Summer is still in full swing and most of you are probably lounging at the beach or pool somewhere, while the rest of us are stuck at work. Thankfully, there are ways to enjoy the seasonal vibe at home or anywhere for that matter. A glass or pitcher of margarita does the trick for a lot of people and they’ll need a good tequila like the Astral Añejo.

You can always skip the cocktail and indulge in the complexities of the spirit with a sip, shot, or swig. Just like whiskey, it’s crucial to sample tequila in its pure form to appreciate what the distillery wants to convey. Moreover, the latest addition to its lineup should excite longtime fans who crave something new to delight their senses.

After its founding in 2006, Astral relied on its Blanco tequila to carry the banner. It has admirably done so since then and earned a solid reputation for quality and affordability. Booze need not be expensive to deliver a top-notch drinking experience. Now, the Añejo’s debut showcases how maturation enhances the overall attributes.

Coming from the Blanco, it might be too much for some to directly delve into the brand’s oldest age statement so far. Hence, Astral crafts the Reposado, which sits in American oak bourbon barrels for a period of five months. If you find it pleasant, don’t hesitate to switch over to the next best thing!

The Añejo stays in the same casks but longer at about a year. It’s bottled at 40% ABV and touts notes of oak, vanilla, and butterscotch. According to the distillery, “Astral Tequila is a new super-premium tequila crafted using 100% Blue Weber Agave nourished by the sun and stars in Jalisco, Mexico.” Don’t miss out and order a few to serve neat or a cocktail.

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Images courtesy of Astral Tequila