Every man needs a complete set of tools for every scenario. These can range from building recreational kits, handicrafting, fixing broken stuff, working on a car, and more. Heavy-duty options are essential for any garage or workshop, but when it comes to intricate tasks, gadgets like the SDS Ultra Plus are handy to have.

Rotary tools are great as they streamline a bunch of traditionally tiresome processes. Drills are the most popular items to have for a variety of reasons. As such, Arrowmax presents what it calls a “mini electric drill pen.” It’s a sequel of sorts to their highly successful handheld tool collections such as the SES, SGS, and SDS series.

So far, both of their crowdfunding campaigns on two separate platforms show outstanding support from backers. This means the SDS Ultra Plus will soon hit mass production and ship out to eager owners across the globe. Meanwhile, we recommend that you grab the bundle with the Hedgehog benchtop press accessory.

The manufacturer packages a versatile and capable drill within a sleek form factor roughly the size of a writing instrument. The craftsmanship is likewise on the premium side with its aluminum shell and OLED status display. The SDS Ultra Plus runs on a robust 500 mAh battery enough for hours of continuous usage.

At the top of the SDS Ultra Plus is a USB-C charging port, while the business end sports four LED lights to illuminate the target section. There’s also the RPM control button to switch between 300, 400, 500, and 600 revolutions per minute. Its motor can generate up to 2.3 kgf cm of torque, which is enough to drill through wood, plastic, PCBs, acrylic, aluminum, and other alloys.

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Images courtesy of Arrowmax