Land Rover Defenders by Arkonik are aftermarket creations not anyone can afford. We encourage you to not give up hope and strive to eventually own the ride of your dream. To help inspire our endeavors, Traxxas unveils the 1:10 R/C Land Rover Defender for us to play around with until we finally get to sit behind the wheel of the actual machine.

Existing owners of life-size Arkonik SUVs are free to grab these to simulate their next overlanding adventure. Moreover, they can request to have it in a matching aesthetic with their existing vehicles. As with every offering from Traxxas, you can expect superior durability and outstanding performance.

Their selection of R/C cars and trucks are some of the best money can buy. It is why the British customization outfit is in partnership with the Texas-based company in the first place. The Arkonik x Traxxas 1:10 R/C Land Rover Defender uses the TRX4 Scale And Trail Crawler platform.

Much like the donor vehicle of each build, it features a robust all-wheel-drive system. Each Arkonik x Traxxas 1:10 R/C Land Rover Defender is using a Titan 550 motor. Powering it is a LiPo 3S 4,000 mAh battery. To mimic the performance of the real-world SUV, it comes with a high/low-range transmission and remote-locking front/rear differentials.

Other noteworthy elements include aluminum scale shocks, heavy-duty steel frame rails, underbody protection, and an adjustable wheelbase. Portal axles also help with ground clearance just like the real deal. The Arkonik x Traxxas 1:10 R/C Land Rover Defender boasts impressive waterproofing. Now you can recreate diverse wet/dry off-road courses at home and take the R/C SUV for a spin.

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Images courtesy of Arkonik/Traxxas