This is the Mean Lean Machine or “MLM” for short and it might just be the most fun sustainable ride this 2022. This ride deserves your attention not just because of its eco-friendly features, but due to its unique system. It is already in the final stages of development and should be available later this year.

The MLM comes from guys over at Arcimoto, who specialize in all-electric mobility solutions for personal and commercial use. The company’s notable outings include the FUV, Deliverator, Rapid Responder, Roadster, and Flatbed. The fleet is finally getting a fresh face in the coming months.

Their latest three-wheeler is an emission-free platform with an in-house engineered, “world-class titling technology.” Just like what other manufacturers are doing, it will be beneficial when taking corners. The two wheels on the front setup are just as stable as a regular trike but turns can be challenging.

As such, Arcimoto aim to deliver the same benefits when riders lean when steering their two-wheelers. Each of the MLM’s three wheels has hub motors. Meanwhile, auxiliary batteries will extend the overall range to a little over 200 miles. As for the pedals, these are for the speed control system and stationary recharge.

We see it sports a proprietary frame with a rear monoshock. The front also benefits from a robust suspension system to ensure a smooth ride over various terrain. Perhaps Arcimoto will consider building an off-road version of the MLM for adrenaline junkies out there. So far, footage of the e-trike in action looks like a lot of fun.

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Images courtesy of Arcimoto