Amid a sea of trees, any manmade structure will stick out from its backdrop. You may try to go with earthy tones or even a camouflage exterior, which is already extreme by anyone’s standards, but it’s difficult to hide the outline. Arcana shows us how to overcome this challenge and provide an immersive outdoor experience as well.

What the company advertises are accommodations for people who want an escape from urban life. Nestled in a dense forest about a couple of hours away north of Toronto, Canada, are cozy cabins. These 275-square-foot volumes are hard to spot if you don’t know where to look. This is part of the gimmick.

To make the cabins invisible in this woodland retreat, Arcana leaves it up to the professionals. The design comes from Leckie Studio, which opts to use stainless steel for the exterior. The fine mirror-polish of the metal cladding reflects whatever surrounds the area.

Depending on the angle, we can say the foundation and deck will give it away. Step inside the Arcana cabins and what greets you is a warm atmosphere. Almost every inch of the interior from the walls, ceiling, and floors are covered in wood. The only exception appears to be the bathroom, where guests can find a shower and plumbed toilet.

A small yet fully equipped kitchen is available for meal preparations, while the fire pit is likewise ready for outdoor cooking. Each Arcana cabin has a queen bed, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and heating. This makes it adaptable for all seasons. Take to the trails and you will stumble upon a private sauna open to all who are staying.

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Images courtesy of Arcana