Since its announcement in 2022, The Line has been hailed as one of the most ambitious architectural and construction proposals in history. Commissioned by the Saudi Arabian government as a part of the country’s NEOM smart city project, it’s slated for completion in 2030. It seems another extravagant plan was recently unveiled and dubbed the Aquellum.

The bottomless coffers of the people behind these sustainable initiatives tell us these won’t remain concepts for long. As we pointed out some time ago, the Middle East will have no shortage of remarkable landmarks in the future. So far, everyone involved is committed to eco-friendliness and the use of revolutionary technologies to make living in these cities an exceptional experience.

If The Line is not to your liking, then perhaps the unique presentation of the Aquellum might be more inviting. The site is reportedly along the coastline — particularly the Gulf of Aqaba in Saudi Arabia. Overseeing this venture is Name Architecture and LAVA. A major attraction here is an “underwater open square.”

Plus, the team describes it as an “ultra-luxury upside-down skyscraper,” inside a mountain. Tourists can book hotel stays to feel what it’s like to live in such an advanced and opulent city. Residential apartments are likewise available for the elite to invest in as the Aquellum boasts a floating marina.

We can already imagine a collection of sleek vessels ready for open-water adventures. According to press materials, accessing the Aquellum requires a special vessel. So far, everything here looks straight out of a science fiction movie. To match its forward-thinking ethos, research labs will also play a huge role in the advancement of various sustainability systems.

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Images courtesy of NEOM