Leading up to Apple’s 2022 “Far Out” media event, leaks were already circulating about what was on the cards. The annual hardware refresh comprised its smartphones, TWS earbuds, and wearables. Many shot down the rumors of a brand-new smartwatch line, but the showcase saw the debut of the Apple Watch Ultra – its most rugged offering yet.

Many were quick to point out it once again positions the features as innovative. Tech pundits, meanwhile, say competing products had it for years. Still, it will not deter consumers who prefer to stay in Apple’s constantly improving software and hardware ecosystem.

Even the Apple Watch 8 And new Apple Watch SE are packing incremental upgrades. Thankfully, the Apple Watch Ultra is worth the upgrade for users who want exceptional durability, fresh aesthetics, and exclusive functionalities. It’s the biggest smartwatch model in the catalog at 49 mm.

The display is also larger and sits under a sapphire crystal. The titanium case flaunts a revamped digital crown and a brand-new customizable action button. A section that holds the side button is raised to form crown guards. Moreover, the bezel edges are slightly higher to protect the display from accidental impacts.

Since Apple is marketing this as an outdoor-ready wearable its upgrades allow it to withstand the roughest conditions. The Apple Watch Ultra is rated at WR 100 and EN 13319 certified. This means you can keep it on for more than just swimming and other water sports.

In fact, the Apple Watch Ultra can function as a dive watch, which is perfect for scuba diving enthusiasts. Battery life also improves to 36 hours and almost doubles to 60 hours in low-power mode. Take your pick from three new bands to suit your adventures: Alpine, Trail, and Ocean.

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Images courtesy of Apple