City living may not appeal to everyone. Although the convenience it brings to the table is enough to convince many to set up shop there, others prefer to live some distance away. It’s difficult to find a stand-alone house in urban centers for a reasonable price, which leaves residential buildings as attractive options. Perhaps the Apartment Persimmon can serve as an inspiration.

Generally, apartments are rented with limitations imposed as to what tenants can do with their space. However, those that offer full ownership allow complete renovations like this unit in Kyiv, Ukraine. There are no images available of its original state, but what really matters is how it looks now.

With the ongoing situation in the country, we may overlook some of its fascinating aspects. Just like this cool interior design by Oksana Dolgopiatova. As the story goes, this project was originally commissioned before the pandemic hit. The Apartment Persimmon is an acquisition by clients who want to give it to their daughter as a gift.

Thankfully, work finally resumed in 2021 and the results are nothing short of remarkable. Instead of the typical dreary atmosphere most associate with apartment living, this is a major exception. It spans 904 square feet and features a warm color palette that draws inspiration from its namesake. Its spaces are adorned with plenty of wood and terrazzo of varying shades.

Instead of retaining the original balconies, Dolgopiatova turns them into cozy nooks framed by large archways. There are more of the latter throughout the Apartment Persimmon’s volumes to add a soft aesthetic to the otherwise angular blueprint. Gino Sarfatti lighting fixtures add stylish accents to the living room and kitchen. Finally, persimmon tones add character to the various rooms.

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Images courtesy of Andrey Bezuglov