As consumers, we normally expect manufacturers to ship their products with everything we need to get started inside the box. That used to be the case until Apple made the bold move to exclude both earphones and chargers for the iPhone 12 and all future versions of their smartphone. Shortly thereafter, Samsung soon followed and ditched all essential accessories except the cables for its flagship smartphones and tablets. This is certainly inconvenient, but we thankfully have brands like AOHi to supply us with cutting-edge solutions for our devices’ charging needs like the Magcube 120W.

The consumer electronics companies we mentioned above claim their decision to no longer include chargers and earphones is in a bid to reduce waste and their overall carbon footprint. However, industry analysts know it’s all about making more money. Nonetheless, what AOHi offers is a clever alternative you will find handy. Moreover, the Magcube 120W is a great option for folks who want to keep their nightstands, desks, or workstations clutter-free.

What Is The Magcube 120W For?

As we detailed before, this accessory provides us with an all-in-one charging platform for our gadgets. Instead of taking up multiple sockets on a power strip or a wall outlet, the Magcube 120W features four ports that support the latest fast-charging standards. As the name tells us, the maximum output is rated at 120 watts. Judging by the power requirements of the devices people normally use, this is more than enough even when you need to plug in everything at the same time.

Small, Powerful, And Versatile

Unlike older multi-port chargers, it is remarkably compact. It measures only 1.77” x 1.77” x 3.35” and weighs less than a pound. AOHi also has it in a slightly lower 65W capacity. The model they shipped over to our office is the Magcube 120W.

We like the sleek black housing with its rounded edges, yellow ports, and subtle placements of the LED status light. Meanwhile, what makes it possible for them to shrink the components down yet handle more power is gallium nitride (GaN) technology. It boasts exceptional efficiency and recovery characteristics in contrast to silicon.

Furthermore, it produces lesser heat, which is a big plus when it comes to sensitive electronics. This makes the Magcube 120W an ideal accessory that you can use in the office, at home, or for travel. No need to carry around a bunch of power bricks when AOHi lets you bring just one instead.

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Performance And Supported Devices

There are two USB-C PD and two USB-A ports. These accommodate the most ubiquitous cable types used by your smartphones, tablets, laptops, speakers, portable game systems, and more. The Magcube 120W automatically adjusts the output accordingly. So, whatever you hook up charges at the fastest rate it can handle.

AOHi claims that it can fully charge a MacBook Pro 16” in 1.8 hours, an iPad Air 4 in 2.2 hours, and an iPad Pro 11” in 2 hours. Make sure to properly check the power requirements of your device so it can plug into the appropriate port for optimal recharging.

If you want to simultaneously use all four ports at the same time, the Intelligent Power Allocation function will handle the rest. It will distribute all 120 watts appropriately so each gadget only receives what it can handle. This makes the Magcube 120W a must-have for the tech-savvy consumer.

More Than Just Chargers

We want to point out that AOHi not only sells awesome chargers like the Magcube 120W. They also have a huge catalog of items perfect for different applications. There are four categories you can shop for: chargers, portable power, power station, and cables. Make sure to grab everything you might need because we believe it’s better to be overprepared than to miss out on something crucial down the line. Our personal pick would be at least two multi-port chargers, a high-capacity power bank, and a couple or more of their 6-foot charging cables.

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