With exciting developments in sustainability throughout the year, those pertaining to two-wheelers have been largely ignored. Perhaps it’s the sheer number of announcements from leading carmakers regarding their electrification roadmaps. As such, it’s up to us to highlight what we believe deserves more interest. You guys really need to check out the AOE Bike.

Electric bicycles are clearly trending following the surging growth of cycling enthusiasts. Nevertheless, motorcycle enthusiasts eager to make the eco-friendly switch are likewise on the rise. The biggest hurdle here is the reluctance of established marques to fully phase-out traditional powertrains.

Therefore, startups like AOE Mobility are stepping up in their place. The Olso, Norway-based tech group intends “to provide environmentally-friendly mobility solutions” for consumers who care about the planet. The AOE Bike may be the company’s first major project, but it seems aesthetics won’t be an issue here.

The brawny outline of this bike matches that of your average roadster, but the seating position suggests otherwise. Everything about it just gives off a futuristic theme and the murdered-out colorway is a nice bonus. We’re guessing more color options will be available when it eventually launches to the public.

For now, there’s very little to go about here except for its zero-emission configuration. One aspect that deserves appreciation is the overall design. Since the AOE Bike is not using a traditional setup for the forks and swingarm, a bespoke suspension system is very likely.

Next up is the sidecar, which the manufacturer claims can do more than just haul cargo. It will function like one, but also enhance the range with its built-in batteries. The modular characteristic of the AOE Bike will probably boost its sales. More details should follow soon.

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Images courtesy of AOE Mobility