After making name for itself by supplying top-notch portable power solutions, Anker is expanding its catalog of products. Now it’s making chargers, cables, computer accessories, Bluetooth speakers, and more. Then came a big surprise when the Chinese tech brand announced the Nebula Capsule and Nebula Mars. These two are portable mini projectors that deliver versatile functions for users who are on the go. Thanks to its popularity, the brand is following up with second-generation models. Let’s start with the Anker Nebula Mars II and what it brings to the table.

It’s a full-featured multimedia device packed within a compact shell measuring 7 x 4.8 x 5.4 inches. For those of you who still remember, it’s roughly the size of a Nintendo Gamecube, only smaller and with the handle on top. It uses DLP technology to throw images and video from 30 inches up to 150 inches. So it means that you’re carrying around a big-screen TV wherever you go.

While some portable projectors depend on external sound systems for audio, the Anker Nebula Mars II has its own. The device houses two side-firing 10W drivers, which outputs cinematic stereo sound with booming bass. Even if, you’re not planning to watch videos, just use it as a Bluetooth speaker. It runs on Android 7.1, which make it easy to find online content and apps to stream almost anything. A full-size USB port is likewise available as well as an HDMI port should you need it. Pair it with your smartphone to control its functions remotely. Lastly, the 4-hour battery life lets you watch two to three movies before needing a recharge.

Anker Nebula Mars II $499.99