Consumers usually expect manufacturers to introduce new features and upgrades with each hardware generation. For years, Apple has been on the receiving end of negative feedback for its purportedly incremental improvements. However, the iPhone 14 series appears to have struck the perfect balance between performance and battery life. Still, you might want to add Anker’s Nano Power Bank to your EDC loadout.

Since the iPhone 12 series came out, Apple made its MagSafe system a standard for every iPhone that followed thereafter. An array of magnets allows users to seamlessly connect various accessories to the back of their iOS handset such as wallets, wireless chargers, leather sleeves, and the Battery Pack.

Anker’s portable alternative leverages the faster charging speeds supplied by the Lightning port over the Qi interface used by Apple’s MagSafe products. The Nano Power Bank is a pocket-friendly on-the-go solution to keep your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other supported devices topped up when you can’t access an outlet.

No need to fuss over cables that can end up in a tangled mess with its built-in Lightning connector. It is mounted on a folding hinge mechanism so that it sits flush when not in use. Anker assures buyers that its products – including the Nano Power Bank – is MFi certified by Apple.

The output is listed as 12W to quickly recharge your devices. It boasts a 5,000 mAh capacity which is approximately 20 additional hours for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The Anker Nano Power Bank is available in a variety of colors and is much cheaper than Apple’s first-party options.

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Images courtesy of Anker