“The Architect of Happiness” Andrew Geller was exalted for his work on liberating the American house by introducing unique architectural designs which are “whimsical, breathtaking, playful, breezy, joyful, original, and dream houses.” Such is the case with his Antler House in the Hamptons, originally built in 1968 and has since undergone renovation and furnished with modern upgrades.

This quirky two-bed and two-bath beach house is now on the market for $2.7 million. Current owners Chris Fisher and Blair Moritz tapped the award-winning Two Street Studio and brought in Geller’s grandson as a consultant to recreate the spread’s original blueprint.

The renovation was careful to preserve most of the iconic features of the Antler House. These include the original wood-burning fireplace and the heart of the home, which is the expansive grand room. The room boasts cedar-paneled cathedral ceilings, an open floor plan, and walls of glass.

This grand room sits perched on the second floor and boasts iconic “owl eye” floor-to-ceiling windows that offer sunrise and sunset views and look out to the forest topography. Moreover, the same room has a large, raised deck set within surrounding treetops. An added loft area above the 2nd floor offers stunning treetop views. It evokes the whimsy of a tree house with floor-to-ceiling windows and a geometric “origami” roofline.

Meanwhile, to bring the Antler House up to date, a few modern amenities were added including an extra bathroom and air conditioning to prep the house for summer use. Contrary to the traditional floor plan, the kitchen and living room are upstairs while the ground floor hosts the two bedrooms.

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Images courtesy of Lori Schiaffino/Compass