Getting a comfortable night’s sleep while camping just became a lot easier. Jonas Haug of Norway’s Amok Equipment has designed a hammock that has eliminated most of the negative features that used to make the average rig difficult for most people.

The Draumr 3.0 Hammock ($300) sports an easy setup with only two straps which feature 10 kN carabiners and Eco-friendly treehugger straps. The Draumr 3.0 can be used in two positions. There are adjustable straps that turn the hammock into a chair, complete with bottle holder and storage space, or most unusually, the Draumr can lay truly flat. It does require a sleeping pad inside which is NOT included with the hammock.

The Draumr has an integrated mosquito net which can be removed if desired. It is made of highly durable ripstop nylon and comes in a variety of colors including Woody Green, Rusty Red, Nordic Blue, or Golden Yellow. With this much comfort outside, it may be hard to have to go back home.