Dress shoes are versatile footwear that goes well with just about anything. Whether dress down or dress up, you can never go wrong with a stylish pair just like the Amberjack The Original. Crafted in luxury and high-quality design, you can be certain that it can go far and wide without sacrificing comfort and durability.

Walk with a spring in your step with this hybrid shoe and dress sneaker design that features soles that ensure comfort all day long. Its proprietary TPU-outsole gives you the flexibility of a performance shoe in the front and the secure grip of a hiking boot in the back for overall support and functionality. The insoles are cushiony and thicker especially in the heel area.

Whereas, the midsoles of the Amberjack The Original have heat-activated foam that conforms to the shape of your feet. It works like a memory foam that provides the ultimate arch support with each pressure. But it is more durable so it can stay supportive over prolonged use.

Meanwhile, buckskin lining makes you want to skip the socks altogether. They are buttery soft you’d rather want them caressing your skin and not the socks. The laser perforations on the vamp even allow for breathability so your feet stay cool and dry under warm weather conditions. 

The Amberjack The Original is comfort-focused footwear in a smart and casual form.  The premium A-Grade full-grain leather upper is supple and boasts an exquisite patina that would age gracefully over time. It has a subtle orthopedic outsole intelligently integrated into the design to avoid a bulky silhouette. The outcome is a tapestry that offers a captivating visual experience.

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Images courtesy of Amberjack