With the 2022 Monterey Car Week auction already underway there’s more to it than just fancy automobiles. For example, check out this Ford GT40 – 1969 Le Mans Winner. You all know that the actual vehicle, custom copies, and modern remakes are practically under the luxury category. As such, these are limited to the well-heeled motorsport enthusiasts and collectors.

Although the price is still pretty cost-prohibitive, this Ford GT40 – 1969 Le Mans Winner from Amalgam Collection can be yours for a sweet $19,610. That’s a lot of cash for the 1:8-scale model of Ford’s race-winning machine. Nevertheless, we know fans of the Blue Oval will want to have this on display.

The shop spares no expense to get all the relevant details down to a T. It measures about 20 inches, so make sure there is enough space on your shelf or cabinet. With the help of the Ford Archive and Heritage departments, the development and research took them 24 months, overall. 

The Ford GT40 – 1969 Le Mans Winner here draws inspiration from chassis number 1075. Gulf Oil International also lends a hand here. It sports the company’s logo with the iconic powder blue and orange paint job. Each replica takes Amalgam Collection’s craftsmen 400 hours to complete.

Most of its parts undergo precision engineering, while the metal components are via CNC machining. Only 199 examples of the Ford GT40 – 1969 Le Mans Winner will be available for purchase. Amalgam Collection says, “the first 50 models ordered will be accompanied by a Giclée art print of a beautiful Rainer Schlegelmilch photograph shot in the early stages of the 1969 24 Hours of Le Mans.”

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Images courtesy of Amalgam Collection