When you’re always on the lookout for quirky tech, the internet never disappoints. Sometimes, our newsfeed drops some odd yet cool items that may or may not appeal to everyone, but we’re here to share our finds anyway. People who grew up just when mobile phones became mainstream. As such, one creative individual just built a wireless keyboard into an Altoids container.

This whimsical invention is by no means groundbreaking given physical keyboard accessories are available for purchase, but it was assembled anyway. In his video titled “a curiously small keyboard,” YouTuber @flurples is shown handling what looks like your standard Altoins tin can. However, a view of the rear section just below the hinge shows a USB-C port and a toggle switch.

It’s immediately obvious that this metal shell no longer holds any candy. Flip the cover open and instead of the distinctive “curiously strong mints,” what greets you is a full QWERTY keypad presented in white against a red housing. Reports tell us most of the components, save for the PCB, are 3D-printed plastic. 

A view from the side shows how the electronics are sandwiched in between the two halves and secured by four screws on each of the four rounded corners. A shot of the PCB likewise reveals the use of microswitches arranged just like a full-size keyboard. The assembly was carefully fabricated to fit inside the Altoids clamshell container.

It’s not commercial-grade quality, mind you, but a pocket-friendly Bluetooth keyboard built from scratch is impressive, nonetheless. The battery capacity and life were not mentioned. Furthermore, it’s unclear if the inventor plans to share the blueprints for this project. If so, tech-savvy hobbyists can 3D-print and customize their Altoids keypad.

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Images courtesy of @flurples/YouTube