Shortly after Alpine unveiled the A110S, it followed with the announcement of a hydrogen-powered hypercar concept dubbed the Alpenglow. Since then, we’ve been wondering if they are truly shifting to greener technology just like other carmakers. After a period of radio silence, we got word of plans to bring back the A310 as an all-electric four-seater.

This revival would have been awesome news for fans of the French marque even if it was still outfitted with an internal combustion engine. However, with the automotive industry’s collective call for emission-free motoring, it makes sense for the A310 to swap out its traditional mill for batteries and electric motors instead.

Reports indicate the upcoming eco-friendly sports car will borrow technology from the company’s electrified A110 coupe – slated to hit the market in 2027. Specifically, it will be built on the Alpine Performance Platform (APP). It safe to say the roomier EV will cater to buyers who find two-seaters impractical.

Meanwhile, Alpine design executive Antony Villain stated, “we want to do a 2+2 sports car, and of course some time in the past we had the A310, so we will bring together these two ideas as a first intention. Our work now is to frame the [APP] platform that we’re working on, and the final design will be finished in a year and a half.”

If you read previous reports about the brand’s sustainability plans, their plans push for at least seven all-electric models by 2030. Despite the decision to accommodate more passengers and switch to a battery-electric powertrain, Alpine claims the A310 will embody the signature lightweight and agile driving dynamics people expect from vehicles with the “A” emblem.

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Images courtesy of Alpine