Alpha Custom Yachts announces that its new ship draws inspiration from a deadly marine predator. It’s a vague definition given the number of dangerous animals that lurk below the water. However, many will tell you it’s a shark. This fish becomes the muse behind this luxury vessel which is likewise aptly named the Squalo Trenta.

Translated from Italian to English, the silhouette is christened “Shark Thirty” and we think it’s awesome. The monohull “embodies an ‘alpha male’ shark in the seas of yachting,” as the shipbuilder puts it. “Uniquely and creatively designed for a yacht of this size, Squalo focuses on the connectivity to the exterior environment from an internal and external perspective, uniting guests with the sea.”

This stunning 97-foot motor yacht boasts a 26-foot beam. This equates to generous spaces across its two decks and flybridge. Alpha Custom Yachts lists the gross tonnage of approximately 206 (including enclosure). Clients can also configure their Squalo Trenta layouts, but there are several standard options to mix and match.

The exterior, interior, and decorations are all courtesy of RC Design while the naval architecture is Massimo Verme. Meanwhile, the engineering credit goes to both parties. It sleeps a crew of five in two cabins, while owners and guests are across four to five cabins.

Its volumes inside and outside are brimming with upmarket furnishings and amenities. Head on over to the aft section of the Squalo Trenta for some dining, swimming, and escapades out to sea. Alpha Custom Yachts lets you pick from the standard MAN V8 good for 2,000 horsepower or a tuned version rated for 2,600 horsepower. The top speeds are 15 knots and 16.4 knots respectively.

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Images courtesy of Alpha Custom Yachts