Not only are bicycles a neat and eco-friendly way to get around, cycling also gives us a good cardio workout. However, there are ever-present hazards that can be cause for worry every cyclist and unpredictable weather is certainly one of them. To keep our ride safe, we often opt to bring it with us inside. It’s a practical solution to keep it from being stolen, or even worse, exposed to the elements—yet it does take up some of our living space.

We all know that rain, dust, and the harsh rays of the sun can shorten the lifespan of any bicycle. Unless you’re fine with having your ride as a roomie, you might want to shell out $899 for the Alpen Bike Capsule. It’s a stylish and modern storage solution that’s akin to an exclusive shed for your two-wheeler.

The shell is engineered from roto-molded polyethylene and features a built-in locking mechanism for added security. Furthermore, it can be bolted down to keep it firmly in place and is robust enough to withstand any attempt to break it open. Moreover, the waterproof and UV-resistant pod is designed for both indoor and outdoor installations.

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Photos courtesy of Alpen