A while back, Adidas partnered with Parley for the Oceans to campaign against the pollution of our waters. By making changes to some of its manufacturing processes, the German sports apparel company is cutting back on single-use materials. Instead, recycling now is a huge part of the system. In line with its eco-friendly efforts, it’s collaborating with Allbirds for the Futurecraft.Footprint sneakers.

While its tie-in with Parley for the Oceans focuses on recycling collected plastic from marine areas, the one with Allbirds hopes to address another aspect of sustainability. Generally speaking, greenhouse gas emissions are a common byproduct in almost every assembly line.

The goal here is to eventually develop production methods that will not harm our planet. Adidas, alongside Allbirds, present the Futurcraft.Footprint as a template of how innovations in manufacturing and recycling can benefit the environment.

Another obstacle many brands face, is how to balance utility and aesthetics. Unlike the regular materials designers use, sustainable alternatives can have properties that make them difficult to style. As you can see, the Futurecraft.Footprint concept images highlight its simplicity.

Some of you who love the minimalist approach will probably like how it looks. The rest, on the other hand, might prefer their kicks with more eye-catching details. Given how the project aims to reduce emissions, this could prove to be a challenge.

Still, Adidas and Allbirds are marketing the shoes with comfort in mind. Also, the Futurecraft.Footprint won’t be on shelves until 2022. This gives them more time to make improvements. Maybe when it’s ready to ship out, it will look more stylish than its current form.

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Images courtesy of Allbirds/Adidas