Alfa Romeo may no longer enjoy the revered status of its heyday, but it remains dear to longtime fans of the Italian marque. In fact, the illustrious coachbuilding group Zagato continues to forge a great partnership with them. Their latest project is a one-off coupe for a German client called the Giulia SWB.

The standard configuration of the donor model is a four-door luxury car. However, the Alfa Romeo Style Center rekindles its long-running history with Zagato to craft this elegant motoring masterpiece. According to the press materials, the SWB stands for short wheelbase, which is exactly what this bespoke two-seater is all about.

Aesthetically, the Giulia SWB is sleek and sexy with curves in all the right places. The sporty silhouette is a tribute to Alfa Romeo’s motorsports heritage. The front features the iconic grille which frames the carmaker’s cross and Visconti serpent emblem. Large air intakes flank the sides and integrate the headlamps.

Zagato opts for a clamshell hood which opens to reveal a 2.9-liter GTAm-spec V6 in the engine bay. Completing its powertrain is a six-speed manual gearbox directing its 540-horsepower output to the rear wheels. The Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB features a twin-bubble roof that slopes into a sleek outline toward the back.

Instead of typical taillights, a slim LED light strip follows the curvature of its tail with the Alfa Romeo branding just below. Twin exhaust tips peek out of the middle section of the diffuser. As for the cockpit, we spy carbon fiber elements alongside green accents to match the exterior of the Giulia SWB. The proud owner of this beauty is sure to showcase this new addition to his remarkable automotive collection.

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Images courtesy of Zagato/Alfa Romeo