Washington State’s Host Studios has just made it much easier for you to create your favorite specialty drinks in your own home bar.  Their Alchemix Rapid Liquor Infuser & Carbonator ($80) looks much like a standard cocktail shaker but the strainer lid is replaced by a device that can either infuse hard-to-mix ingredients into drinks via pressurized N2O cartridges or add carbonization with CO2.

The Alchemix is easy to use.  Just add your ingredients to the clear BPA-free Tritan plastic chamber, screw on the strainer and valve assembly, insert the appropriate single-use cartridge and screw on the top till it punctures the gas canister.  Shake gently and wait two minutes.  Remove and pour through the built-in strainer and enjoy.

Each Alchemix gas cartridge will make about four infused cocktails or one fizzy carbonated drink. Host Studios even has a special recipe book available with ideas on how you can use the Alchemix to improve all your liquor drinks or even carbonate your wine!  Details in the video.