As the appeal of green overlanding continues to surge, established names in the caravan and RV business want in on the hype. For a traditional outfit like Airstream, it calls on REI Co-op for an eco-friendly collaboration. Their partnership gives modern nomads this Special Edition Basecamp. There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s start with the exterior.

Airstream’s signature aesthetics is what many consider an homage to art deco design. Thankfully, this is intact here on the Special Edition Basecamp. The manufacturer starts with an aluminum frame which then welcomes a hand-built shell out of the same metal.

Each piece is riveted in place to give it an aerodynamic outline. The lightweight material boasts exceptional resistance against corrosion, and it looks classy too. The 16-foot camper touts special REI Co-op badging, propane tank cover, rear jamb, and other bespoke trims.

There’s more to team-up than just visuals, as Airstream throws its X-Package on as standard. This includes a lift kit to accommodate the black aluminum wheels shod in Goodyear 235/75R15 Wrangler radial tires. Other add-ons are window guards and stone guards.

Off-grid excursions are never an issue with the Special Edition Basecamp. Buyers have exclusive access to a 360W flexible rooftop solar panel setup hooked up to a 200 Ah lithium battery unit. Inside, you can find storage cabinets, a convertible dinette, a lounge/bed combo, L-tracks, a two-burner stovetop, a sink, a refrigerator, and more.

Airstream and REI Co-op take sustainability a step further with their choice of materials. Most of the parts and embellishments are from recycled post-consumer items with wood sourced responsibly from plantations. Buyers of the Special Edition Basecamp also get a 25-piece REI Co-op product kit perfect for their outdoor adventures.

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Images courtesy of Airstream/REI Co-op