Robotics and machine learning technology have come a long way. As smart-enabled products gradually become ubiquitous, wireless connectivity opens up more ways to make our lives extra convenient. When robot vacuums first came out, it seemed like science fiction finally became reality. Now, automation extends beyond the interiors with the help of the TRON.

We know the name is hardly original and has been overused to denote anything futuristic, but what truly matters to us are features. AIRSEEKERS is behind this crowdfunding project and has already amassed more than enough beyond its original goal. While ventures like these never guarantee success, the press release is pretty convincing.

As of this writing, 656 backers pledged approximately $989,751 with 38 days to go. If the images are not clear enough, the TRON is a robotic lawnmower. However, it’s billed as “the AI-powered 360° vision robot mulching mower. Without the need for complex setup or perimeter wiring, it cuts and mulches grass clippings in one go, eliminating the hassle of disposal.”

You can think of it as something a bit similar to indoor robot vacuums that ship with a self-emptying dock. There’s practically no cleanup to do after the TRON completes its routine, which is a huge load off our backs. It does not require an RTK station or perimeter wires as its system relies on VSLAM and AI panoramic perception to map out the yard.

Obstacle avoidance is likewise integrated to ensure pets, wildlife, humans, and objects are never in harm’s way. Then there’s the higher ground clearance along with a powerful rear-wheel-drive system to handle dynamic changes in terrain. Its robust construction means it can withstand the elements. AIRSEEKERS just made chores easier with the TRON.

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Images courtesy of AIRSEEKERS