Airbus is producing a luxury-tier helicopter with the aid of renowned yacht designer Harrison Eidsgaard. They’re calling it the ACH160 Exclusive Edition, and it packs all the extravagant touches that would please any VIP. According to the sources, the interior gets a lavish treatment with upgrades such as top-notch sound insulation and large double-pane windows. Not only does it let you travel in style, but it also does so with top-notch comfort and a killer view.

What makes it an attractive platform for those with enough money to throw around is the almost limitless configuration options available. Buyers can practically request any seating arrangement and the team takes care of the rest. Of course, it needs to be within aviation guidelines, but the level of customizability is remarkable. This means that no two ACH160 Exclusive Edition choppers will have the same cabin.

As Airbus engineers focus on the overall performance and safety of the aircraft, the other group handles the aesthetics. Inside the cockpit are cutting-edge equipment and avionics for peace of mind each time you fly. The pilots will have the Helionix flight deck ready to assist with all the essential details. This means operators have everything to make each flight a pleasant one.

The ACH160 Exclusive Edition relies on Safran turboshaft engines which are supposedly

more fuel-efficient. This allows the chopper to cruise at speeds of up to 172.6 miles per hour and still squeeze out 512 miles on a full tank. It features a Blue Edge five-blade main rotor as well as a Fenestron rotor. Airbus is certainly not holding back anything to give its clients what they want.

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Images courtesy of Airbus