The British-made Opus camper has garnered huge popularity for its excellently equipped interior, simple pop-up assembly, its capacity for hauling gear, and its multitude of prime options. Always looking for improvements to that already successful design, the company has developed such extras as a motorcycle mounting system, and most recently the Air Opus Inflatable Trailer Tent ($19,290 for a complete basic trailer) which uses air pressure instead of pole frames, to make camping even more hassle-free.

With the hard tent frame gone, an integrated air pump powered by a 12 volt battery pumps air into the network of air poles and has the tent over the camper raised in as little as 90 seconds. The process is not totally automatic as you do have to take a few steps manually before and during inflation. Making sure the tent is spread properly and fastening some support rods under the ends also have to be done but that is also simple and quick. Deflation of the Opus Air system is about as fast as inflation. Clearly, vacation time is important and the less spent setting up your home-away-from-home, the more time you have for relaxing. Details in the video [via]