In its mission to make water easily accessible to everyone, MASK Architects introduces the innovative concept of “Air to Water Technology” which will provide water to guests at the BAOBAB Safari Lodges in South Africa’s BAOBAB Luxury Safari Resort and to the surrounding communities. They call it the “world’s first Eco-Tourism” resort that autonomously makes its own water.

The technology, powered by a transparent solar device covered curtain glass, uses humidity and optimized dehumidification techniques to extract and condense moisture in the air. The extracted moisture passes through air filters housed in wood-covered aluminum poles surrounding each lodge. Then it goes through a filtration system in the system room to produce healthy purified drinking water. 

More than just an eco-friendly escape, Africa’s BAOBAB Luxury Safari Resort also offers a luxurious glamping experience. The beach wood-clad Baobab tree-inspired lodges sit 3.5 meters off the ground. It has living spaces and wildlife interaction sections on the first floor where guests can feed the wildlife. They also have a 30-square-meter pool and plunge deck area with an outdoor shower on the top floor that offers panoramic views of the surrounding safari. 

Moreover, each lodge has staircase access to different floor levels and has its private pump for the collected water. It has a bedroom, a bathroom with an enclosed toilet, a shower, and a sink. There are storage spaces and a small snack bar. Aside from serving as a tourist lodge, MASK Architects also envisions the BAOBAB Safari Lodges in BAOBAB Luxury Safari Resort for various uses. These include housing, bars, spas, restaurants, lounges, offices, fitness centers, educational centers, and more. 

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Images courtesy of MASK Architects