The futuristic world of George Jetson has just come closer to reality. Projected to start rolling and flying from 2020, the AeroMobil Flying Car ($TBA) is now officially a production model.

With a highly aerodynamic shell and wings made of tough, lightweight carbon composite, the Flying Car “is designed to demonstrate stability and predictability.” The cockpit surrounds the pilot and co-pilot in a high strength monocoque structure that provides protection in case of a crash, while the “ballistic parachute technology ” makes sure the airborne vehicle is brought back to the ground safely “should the pilot choose to deploy it.” Safety is furthermore strengthened by pyrotechnic seatbelt technology & dual-stage airbags.

The transportation device is compact enough to fit in a large automobile parking space or garage, and it takes only three minutes and the push of a button to convert it into its airborne configuration. Its custom 2.0 liter, 4-cylinder boxer turbo engine produces 300 hp that is transferred between the front wheels and the pusher prop in the rear. The AeroMobil Flying Car has about a 435-mile range on the ground or 466 in the air, and, while it only gets up to 99 mph on the ground, it cruises at 161 mph aloft. With a maximum load of 529 pounds, it carries two average adults and a small bit of cargo.

Since it is an aircraft, a pilot’s license and flight training are required. So keep that in mind if you’re already putting aside the money required (estimated $1.3 to $1.6 million) to purchase this baby. The first production run will consist of 500 units. Details in the video.