Building on the success of his highly popular Drinking Jacket, comedian and actor Zane Lamprey has devoted the last two years to design the perfect hoodie! Both stylish and exceedingly comfortable, the Adv3nture Hoodie ($79) encompasses enough features you may never want to wear anything else.

Nine multi-function pockets offer a plethora of storage, from the hand-pockets to cargo, passport, arm pockets, and even a neoprene koozie pocket. Fourteen distinct features are also seamlessly incorporated into this versatile hoodie. As well as providing ventilation, the zipper also doubles as a bottle opener. The fold-out hand warming extensions are also textured to make a beverage grip. There are a sunglasses holder and adjustable hood snaps on the back to vary its size.

The Adv3nture Hoodie comes in three styles and is water-resistant. Lined with incredibly soft Sherpa fabric this hoodie is as comfortable as it is durable. Each style is color coordinated and also boasts reflective cabling for nighttime viability. Produced in both men’s and women’s sizes, this hoodie looks like the perfect cool weather garment.