When thinking about a commuting vehicle, very few people think about skateboards. The transportation company Acton did just that to create their third electric board, the Blink Qu4tro Electric Longboard ($1,100).

The Blink Qu4tro is a 4-wheel drive powerhouse with four hub motors kicking at a total 1600 watts with its lithium ion batteries with Panasonic cells. It is capable of maintaining a top speed of 23 miles an hour with a 22 mile range and can take a 30 degree incline. The deck consists of carbon fiber in an aircraft grade aluminum frame that can hold up to 280 pounds of rider and gear. There is a detachable remote which doubles as a carrying handle and of course a phone app that provides performance data and interactive challenges.

It may be an unconventional way to drive but where else will you find a 17 pound vehicle you can pick up and take with you anywhere you need to be? Details in the video.