Since their respective launches in 2020, both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 have seen varying measures of success. Now, several years into the lifespan of the latest console generation, it’s becoming clear that Sony is once again in the lead. As such, we’re about to welcome a new collection of accessories. One of those is the PULSE Explore.

Although the PS5 supports Bluetooth connectivity, there is no integrated option to directly pair any compatible headphones or earbuds to the system. So far, Nintendo seems to be the only one to enable it via a recent software update for all models of the Switch lineup. Perhaps we could chalk it up to marketing more first-party hardware, but hardcore gamers know exactly what’s up.

Audio latency is to blame, which is why Sony ships the PULSE 3D with a USB dongle in the first place. According to the Japanese firm, both the PULSE Explore and PULSE Elite will rely on a proprietary wireless technology dubbed the “PlayStation Link.” Low-latency and lossless are the key features here.

These will include a new dongle, but will directly pair with the PlayStation Portal remote gaming platform. Among the two, the PULSE Explore might be more appealing to a larger demographic courtesy of its size and true wireless stereo configuration. However, it is steeply priced at $199.99.

Despite the cost, we know many would snap these up at launch anyway. At a glance, the design is in line with the white/black theme of the PS5. It sports a sleek futuristic form factor along with a matching charging case that slides to the side to reveal the earbuds magnetically attached to their respective receptacles.

An LED status light strip is also visible just below. What’s truly fascinating about the TWS earbuds is the use of planar magnetic drivers to output a more acoustically nuanced sound. Couple that with 3D audio for an immersive experience. For those wondering, the PULSE Explore and PULSE Elite will also support Bluetooth connectivity. Expect these to launch later this year along with the rumored PS5 Slim and PS5 Pro.

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Images courtesy of Sony