If you thought Microsoft’s 2-in-1 Surface slates are prohibitively priced, ASUS’ latest offering – the ROG Flow Z13 ACRNM RMT02 – will supposedly retail for an eye-watering $2,500. Keep in mind that this is a 2023 remake of the company’s gaming tablet. Moreover, it’s a limited-edition collaborative project with the renowned fashion label ACRONYM.

The standard version of the ROG Flow Z13 is already a stylish computing/gaming device with an avant-garde presentation. Almost entirely in black, ASUS splashes some futuristic detailing on the rear panel, kickstand, and a small glass window with RGB lighting.

Then there’s the red accent on the bottom left corner for additional contrast. Meanwhile, the German style group adds its signature spin to the aesthetics. Instead of the stealthy tonal theme of the regular model, the ROG Flow Z13 ACRNM RMT02 sports a striking metallic look.

However, it retains the dark elements of the original platform, but with notable tweaks to its overall design. A machined 6063 aluminum alloy chassis also forms a protective bumper around the edges. It may seem like an optional accessory, but it is part of the cosmetic revamp by ACRONYM.

Contributing to the creation of its rugged profile is concept artist Phil Saunders who worked on the Iron Man suit for Marvel Studios. ASUS even throws in a multifunctional strap which doubles as a carrying handle and hands-free support for certain usage scenarios.

The ROG Flow Z13 ACRNM RMT02 is more than just a visual stunner. It also packs a punch where it matters. We have an Intel Core i9-13900H CPU, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070, a 13” QHD+ 165 Hz refresh rate Nebula display, a 32 GB LPDDR5 RAM, 1 TB PCIe Gen 4 NVMe SSD, and a range of connectivity options.

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Images courtesy of ASUS/ACRONYM