Unless you’re building an army of warriors (specialized in hand-to-hand combat), I can’t figure why you’d need an ACME Crates Doom Kit ($495). But then again, you’ll get “a collection of the greatest weapons from history”, which “Spans thousands of years and six continents,” so I guess that makes this badass crate an educational tool. Sort of. With the added benefit that it can do some serious damage. If asked for, of course.

Put togeder by the EDC gearheads at ACME (from the mountainous, tiny city of Sisters in Oregon, US), the DOOM. kit arrives in an authentic Czech 10 vz58 crate, locked with a 3-digit combination of your choice. It contains an unbreakable composite baseball bat, grappling hook & rope, war club with blunt steel spike, a 3 steel-balled(?) mace, a spied tire thumper, a genuine leather bullwhip-which your wife can use to whip your ass, a 13″ kukri, 2 ninja swords with double sheath, a Vietnamese-style tomahawk, screw-shut nunchucks, a 2-handed machete, and a double-bit throwing axe. There’s something for any taste. [via]

ACME Crates Doom Kit 6

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ACME Crates Doom Kit 3

ACME Crates Doom Kit 2

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