With the latest updates, the gaming industry notes that CD Projekt Red’s controversial game is less of a trainwreck than it was at launch. Cyberpunk 2077 may have been panned by critics for its flaws, but its marketing campaign has certainly made an impression when it comes to style. Take for instance this futuristic take on an inhaler.

We love it when 3D artists attempt to overengineer a product that does not need it in the first place. Most people still live by the adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” which is probably what hampers innovation. Not Metod Kulčar, however, as he envisions what medical products of the future might look like.

Those who have it or know someone with Asthma are probably aware of how an inhaler works. Depending on the physician’s diagnosis, they either prescribe preventive or quick-relief medication. Metered-dose models are the most common ones out there and this concept packs a sci-fi vibe to it.

The outline of this inhaler does not come in the familiar L-shaped actuator. The top appears to hold the pressurized canister, while the transparent section at the bottom splits into two. Being an asthmatic myself, I guess one side is the mouthpiece, while the other could be an air filter. Perhaps the see-through chamber can also double as a spacer for those who use one.

The metering valve of the canister is visible as well as special vents that would disperse the medication within. The device seems to be equipped with a special valve that only opens upon inhalation like that on a ventilator. So far, the idea behind this inhaler is cool and healthcare companies should seriously consider its unique design.

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Images courtesy of Metod Kulčar