The Bumbera Performance team decided to take on an unimaginable task when agreeing to transform a client’s 69 Dodge Charger by adding a 707Hp 2015 Dodge Hellcat electronic system and drivetrain into the mix.

Dodge mostly reserves their Hellcat engine as a soup-up option for tuners, but they diversified on this occasion. Instead, Bumbera switched for the transmition, modern engine, infotainment system and dashboard among other bits and bobs.

When taking on such a bespoke and challenging task, the team had no go-to manual they could reach for and make this project a success. Legend has it that they had to spread around 12-miles of Hellcat instruction over their workshop floor in order to correctly map out a way of connecting the parts with the charger. Legend also has it that the STIG was involved too.

What happened when it all fit together…well it worked! They got everything completed and have left their customer with something really extra-ordinary. Including a remote start, ice-like air conditioning potential, a touch screen, auto transmission and much much more. It really is a collision of the old and new schools of vehicle must-haves.

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