There seems to be no end to the release of various types of power supply for the ever-growing need of tech geeks to stay connected to their mobile gadgets. Power banks and wireless chargers provide a reliable source of energy and the Nomad Base Station adds to the list of chargers that delivers.

This charger can support up to four gadgets in one go. It can charge four devices simultaneously: two devices wirelessly on the padded leather surface and the remaining two via the USB-A and USB-C PD port.

The sleek surface holds three high-power coils to supply your gadgets with optimum power at the shortest amount of time possible. The base charges devices at up to 10W each.

Meanwhile, the ports deliver different wattages of their own. The USB-C port provides 18W while the USB-A port gives an additional 7.5W of power.

The Nomad Base Station is equipped with an LED light indicator that turns white when the device is fully charged and turns into amber color to signify that charging is happening. The light dims at night so as not to disturb your sleep.

This wireless charger works with any Qi-enabled devices, although Apple Watch or AirPods need to be charged using the ports.

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Photos Courtesy of Nomad