What’s the first thing you notice upon arriving at your new dorm room? All the free space, of course. At first, it may seem like a problem because you have almost no furniture. Sometimes, there isn’t even a table for you to study on. The latter might push you to consider a professional essay service: “I need someone to write my essay for me because I don’t even have a table!”. Yeah, there may be some inconveniences, but think about all the possibilities you now have to design a mancave.

Consider your dorm room a blank sheet of paper. A perfect chance to turn it into a true mancave. A place where manly men will gather to have fun and chill. But most importantly, a place where you’ll feel comfortable living. So, we decided to give you some hints by making a list of the best things that will help you build a perfect mancave.

A Big Display

All of us expect a TV to be the first point on the list. And it is, at least partially. It’s just that some people don’t really enjoy watching television in particular. So the term big display is more appropriate, as large monitors or Smart TV’s would be the best choice for many of us. Anyway, you just need to have a big screen in your room.

What for? Well, there are numerous reasons:

And what matters here is that you can do all these things on your own. Or, you can invite anyone you want and share the fun with them. Just imagine all the entertaining stuff you and the guys can do with a huge display in your mancave.

A Sofa

The large display requires another thing, though. A wide comfy couch, that is. Can’t enjoy all these movies and games without being in the laziest and the most comfortable position. Or if you have a laptop, reading an EssayPro review, working on a project, or just scrolling through random webpages feels much more relaxing on a big cozy couch.

We all love to have that ultra cushioning feeling while chilling. Trust me, sometimes the gang will come to your dorm room (mancave) just to sit on that sofa you have.


What does every movie about college life have? A brilliant soundtrack that conveys the feeling of a carefree life on campus. Of course, the reality isn’t that fascinating. But you can still make it much more enjoyable by adding some ambient tunes. And that’s what you need the speakers for.

Studying, playing games, or just staring at the wall becomes much more entertaining when there’s some music playing in the background. And when the mancave fulfills its primary purpose of gathering men, the speakers are an absolute must-have. Otherwise, someone will definitely play music on their phone, and that’s not a pleasant experience. Just be mindful about keeping the volume down. At least sometimes.


You may think that posters are only for teenagers and movie characters. But no, they aren’t. Posters are a perfect way to express your taste. Be it the music you listen to, the books you read, the movies, or shows you watch. Or maybe you just love art and want to share it with anyone who enters the room.

It’s just that most people choose the same posters for some reason. There’s nothing wrong with having the same taste as someone else, of course. But a better idea is to find some rare ones. It’s as easy as spending 2 extra minutes scrolling through the catalogs, but it will make your room look more unique. Don’t forget about the main goal of posters, though – to make you feel satisfied with the visuals on the walls of your mancave.


As mentioned before, playing games and having tournaments on that big screen is awesome. But don’t limit yourself to videogames only. Remember your experiences with old-school tabletop games. Monopoly, for example. Or if you’re a Warhammer 40000 fan, that’s a perfect chance to build a battlefield.

Imagine you and your friends conquering each other’s territories in that cozy mancave atmosphere. Don’t get too carried away though, the deadlines are still there. However, sometimes it’s better to say “I’d rather trust professionals to write my essay because I’m too tired to work right now”. Because overworking is bad for your health, too. It’s just important to know the limits.

Final Words

Turning your dorm room into the embodiment of masculinity and the sacred temple of fun isn’t that hard. But don’t stop at that, think about your own ways to make it even more cozy and full of entertainment. It’s your mancave, after all.