The sprawling open areas across the islands of Greece are becoming the ideal canvases for outstanding architectural works. We’ve seen fantastic creations that either stand out or merge with the sprawling landscapes. 314 Architecture Studio takes the latter approach as it proposes a project dubbed the Gods and Dreams resort.

So far, the images show us a series of terraces that cascade along a sprawling hillside. If not for the lights, reflective mirror surfaces, pools, and sculpted edges of each level, the structure blends with the background. Furthermore, the abundance of greenery and the generous use of curves makes the entire place look organic.

This combination of elements promotes relaxation for those who are staying at the Gods and Dreams resort. Instead of building everything from scratch, they’re using the natural topography to form the residences. The slopes and floor-to-ceiling glass windows take advantage of the natural lighting from the sun.

Meanwhile, the overhangs likewise provide shade depending on the time of day. Mirror dividers separate each dwelling into their own parcel of paradise adorned with vegetation and a flowing pool. The Gods and Dreams resort appears to be situated somewhere surrounded by nature.

We know some of you would give anything to spend a week or two here. Not many can wake up to breathtaking views like the ones offered by the Gods and Dreams resort. Generous living spaces and open floor plans will even give claustrophobic guests some quality respite. To put it simply, 314 Architecture Studio draws inspiration from the amphitheaters of old for the design.

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Images courtesy of 314 Architecture Studio