When somebody talks about a cabin, the last thing that comes to mind is something that roughly rivals a typical luxury mansion. However, if your idea of a serene retreat matches the description, then Clear Creek Tahoe just might have the perfect property available right now. Moreover, it is the Tahoe Quarterly Mountain Home Awards Grand Design Winner. Welcome to the 273 Swifts Station Drive.

This upscale residence stands on a 1.8-acre property framed by mountain ranges and a verdant sea of trees for miles. Promontories are always prime real estate. Homeowners get to enjoy breathtaking vistas, clean air, and cooler temperatures even during summer. Whoever becomes the owner of 273 Swifts Station Drive is in for an experience like no other.

Clear Creek Tahoe – for those wondering – is barely an hour away from Lake Tahoe. In fact, the development even sweetens the deal with special access to private facilities at the shores of the freshwater lake. For something closer, the gated community boasts a golf course by Coore & Crenshaw, dining establishments, and more.

As for the house itself, 273 Swifts Station Drive is a majestic blueprint that draws inspiration from the surrounding landscape. Clear Creek Tahoe calls it a “sculptural delight” with Keith Kelly of Kelly & Stone Architects and NSM Construction’s Mark Neave behind it all.

Its façade flaunts basalt stone masonry along with cedar cladding to evoke rustic coziness. “The home boasts an open-concept, free-flowing form throughout, complete with walls of glass that offer stunning views in all directions,” reads the listing. 273 Swifts Station Drive is a wonderful getaway for folks who prefer to reconnect with nature. This four-bedroom dwelling is selling for about $13 million.

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Images courtesy of Clear Creek Tahoe/Brad Scott