While the well-heeled among us are eagerly anticipating what renowned luxury marques are cooking up for the EV segment, Mercedes-Maybach is launching an eco-friendly SUV. This may come as a surprise since many expect the manufacturer to kick things off with a sedan. Nonetheless, the 2024 EQS 680 caters to customer demand for large high-class rides.

We’re certain the competition will soon debut their respective lavish yet emission-free platforms, but the German company’s subsidiary is already one step ahead. Taking cues from its existing EQS lineup, the new model touts a series of upgrades to set it apart from the rest of the fleet.

Although its hood ornament is the iconic three-pointed star emblem, there are plenty of elements exclusive to this version. The 2024 EQS 680 is accentuated by chrome detailing and Maybach badges all around. There’s even the familiar Panamericana grille design on the fascia to denote its lofty status.

Before we go deeper into its other opulent features, let’s talk about the powertrain. For comparison, the regular EQS 580 SUV is rated at 536 horsepower and 633 lb-ft of torque. These numbers are impressive, but pale in comparison to the 2024 EQS 680’s 649 horsepower and 700 lb-ft of torque.

Time on the track purportedly places its 0-60 mph sprint at 4.1 seconds. However, the battery system remains the same as the standard counterpart with 108.4 kWh. Meanwhile, WLTP trials list a range of approximately 372 miles. As with any Mercedes-Maybach outing, the cabin of the 2024 EQS 680 is replete with exquisite creature comforts only the wealthy can afford to experience.

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Images courtesy of Mercedes-Maybach