Honda’s Ruckus marks its 20th year in the scooter scene and it’s as popular as ever. It may not be a completely green mobility platform, but its efficiency and compact physical footprint make it ideal for urban commuting. The company unveils the NPS50 for the 2023 model year and it retains the signature quirky DNA fans love about it.

As the name suggests, a glimpse of this two-wheeler will likely draw attention wherever you go. The two-piece die-cast aluminum front and steel upper-rear frame are visibly odd yet striking. In addition to its economical performance, Honda prices the NPS50 attractively as well.

The 2023 Ruckus costs around $2,899 which makes it somewhat cheaper than your average mid-range electric bicycle. It’s not an emission-free ride, yet its 114 mpg range is hard to beat. It’s outfitted with a 49 cc four-stroke OHC liquid-cooled single-cylinder mill.

With the manufacturer’s V-Matic belt-drive automatic transmission, it delivers smooth acceleration all the way. The design gives off a utilitarian vibe and provides ample storage below the seat. The exhaust system helps keep the 2023 Ruckus virtually quiet.

Remarkable comfort comes from the padded saddle and relaxed riding position. Moreover, the robust suspension setup helps with handling. Meanwhile, the front and rear wheels come with drum brakes to offer dependable stopping power.

The original is “the model that launched an entire scooter-customization subculture,” notes Honda. “With an exposed frame and dual round headlights contributing to an industrial-looking design, plus practical features like reliability, fuel efficiency and nimble handling, the Ruckus a great choice as a platform for personalization or affordable, around-town transportation.”

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Images courtesy of Honda