To reinforce its commitment to a sustainable future, Lotus recently gave us a glimpse of the Eletre and Type 133. Since the deadline for its all-electric shift is still several years away, the carmaker continues to dabble in traditional powertrains. Thus, the motorsports scene will soon see the Emira GT4 race car in action.

The British group is recognized as a master of lightweight automotive architecture. Furthermore, they love to engineer their sports cars with exceptional handling and performance. On the tracks or on the streets, Lotus’ lineup promises an exhilarating experience for anyone. The Emira GT4 is no exception

As the name of the latest racer tells us, it will compete in GT4-class races. The manufacturer is outfitting it with a Toyota-sourced 3.5-liter 2GR V6. Alongside some tuning and a Harrop TVS 1900 supercharger, you’re looking at 400 horsepower coursing through a six-speed sequential transmission by Xtrac.

Lotus uses a composite body that wraps around a modular bonded aluminum chassis. Its sleek exterior features aggressive aero kits on the front and rear. The Emira GT4 benefits from a forged aluminum double-wishbone suspension system and two-way Öhlins TTX dampers.

Then, its forged aluminum rims are shod in Pirelli Slicks and are equipped with two-piece brake discs. Six-piston calipers on the front and four-piston units for the rear deliver the reliable stopping power it needs. All of these tell us the Emira GT4 will be a competitor to look out for.

Finally, other race-ready add-ons include an FIA compliant roll cage, driver safety nets, a fire extinguisher, and a six-point safety harness. Lotus is pricing the track-only Emira GT4 a little over $200,000. All 2022 examples already have owners, but another production will follow in 2023.

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Images courtesy of Lotus