When you prefer to bask in opulence aboard an SUV, Land Rover might be a marque you need to check out. Many immediately associate the British manufacturer with its Defender series, which is probably why anything else flies under the radar. We’re here to tell you that the 2022 Range Rover has everything even the most discerning buyer wants in a ride.

If any of the available trims does not suit your fancy, Land Rover encourages you to personalize instead. They’ll gladly refer clients to the SV Bespoke team so they can build the new Range Rover according to their specifications. Meanwhile, the rest of us should be fine with the standard selection.

A view from the side shows us an outline akin to that of yachts. This is likely the reason behind people calling it as such – except on land. Many agree that Land Rover’s decision to embrace a minimalist design is a good one. Even the retractable door handles add to its understated profile.

Moreover, the 2022 Range Rover is also getting a power-assisted door option soon. Perfect for the elite who can’t be bothered with such trivial actions. Much like the plentiful customizations for aesthetics, materials, and seating, Land Rover extends that to the powertrain.

Owners can go for a mild hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, and a twin-turbo V8. Meanwhile, those who can wait a little longer will have access to an all-electric configuration by 2024. Parking or maneuvering in tight spaces won’t’ be an issue with the four-wheel steering.

Audiophiles who demand the best acoustics can also opt to splurge for a 35-speaker Meridian Signature setup. The new Land Rover Range Rover is shaping up to become the gold standard for luxury on an SUV.

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Images courtesy of Land Rover