There are luxury cars that you drive and then there are those that a chauffeur will drive for you. While most of us prefer to be behind the wheel, the wealthy often choose to have someone else handle the task. For those who count themselves as the latter, Audi presents the 2022 A8 L Horch. Too bad that this flagship sedan is only heading to Chinese markets.

It is not the only manufacturer of upscale automobiles that is releasing China-only trims of its vehicles. As such, the world’s leading carmakers are catering to this highly profitable region by releasing models like the A8 L Horch. “We conduct a great deal of research, partly because Chinese customers are very different from those in Europe and the U.S.,” said the head of the Audi Innovation Research (AIR) team based in Beijing Yu Zhao.

With that in mind, the 2022 Audi A8 L Horch has been designed from the ground up to meet their clients’ lofty expectations. The interior is as elegant as it gets especially for those in the rear. Footrests behind the front seats keep your feet toasty and even pack a massage feature.

In-cabin entertainment comes from two 10.1-inch displays mounted on the back of the front seats, armrest controls, and a 23-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system. Meanwhile, cutting-edge driver assistance systems ensure your ride is safe and enjoyable. Horch badging is visible on almost every leather surface inside as well.

The wheelbase of this luxury sedan is about 5.12” longer than the regular trim and touts a special emblem that denotes its status on the C-pillar. Owners can choose from a selection of two-tone paint schemes, while the Founder’s edition of the A8 L Horch ships in either Oakrun or Nimusgrau.

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Images courtesy of Audi