A while back, we talked about ways who you can turn your time in home isolation into something more productive. There were hints on what to get for entertainment, remote work, and maybe some embellishments to enhance the overall atmosphere of your living space. If some of you can recall, we were also showcasing some of the stuff you can get for your kitchen. Now, we have another which is the 2021 LG InstaView refrigerator series.

There must have been more than enough times when somebody tells you the dos and don’ts when it comes to your fridge. These include regular cleaning of the condenser coils, proving enough clearance for optimal airflow, and to avoid opening or closing the doors. The latter is definitely a challenge for a very specific reason. Thankfully. the 2021 LG InstaView lineup promises a clever solution.

Unless you keep a real-time list of what goes in and out of your icebox there’s no other way to know the contents. That is unless you own any of the 2021 LG InstaView models. What the South Korean consumer electronics group does differently is the use of an innovative feature. The right section of the refrigerator features a glass panel that automatically lights the interior after the user knocks twice.

Moreover, the Door-In-Door system lets you open the small section to grab drinks and other snack items. Meanwhile, cutting-edge functionalities do not end there. Each 2021 LG InstaView refrigerator ships with the brand’s Uvnano technology. This outfits the water dispenser with ultraviolet LEDs to disinfect the tap after use. More details will be available at CES 2021.

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Images courtesy of LG