Land Rover’s 2020 Range Rover Evoque is its second-generation compact SUV, the model itself a massive hit for the automaker. It sold over 772,000 of these bad boys worldwide, and hopes to keep those numbers aflame with this new entry.

For this generation, the new Range Rover Evoque gets a design revamp plus Land Rover’s latest tech. Let’s talk about the former. When you see it, you’ll still recognize that it’s unmistakably an Evoque. But instead of a dramatic redesign, Land rover chose to take a new design language that launched with the Velar and refine it. You’ll see it in the burnished copper details, and the 21-inch wheels. And also the sharper and slimmer headlight and rear light housings. Velar’s flush door handles re-apppear here as well. The result is a clean, streamlined almost nondescript look.

Inside is where it gets more interesting. This new Evoque features a larger interior space compared to the last model thanks to a brand-new architecture.

As for the tech, InControl Touch Pro Duo comes standard, as does Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The InControl system features two 10-inch HD displays and a 12.3-inch screen on the dashboard. Flecks of artificial intelligence also make an appearance, care of “Smart Settings.” In this, the car uses AI to learn about your preferences overtime. Like your preferred seat position, music choices, temperature, and more. And let’s not forget about ClearSight Ground View, which will let you see right through the hood for easier navigation in tough terrains.

The 2020 Range Rover Evoque will come with two 2-liter four-cylinder Ingenium engine options with 246 or 296 horsepower. The latter option gets a 48-volt mild hybrid powertrain for maximum energy efficiency. The car is now available in six trims.


Photos courtesy of Land Rover