Here’s another everyday-carry essential you shouldn’t miss: The MecArmy EK3R. It’s a full-sized compact knife option with a non-locking slip joint mechanism that has a stylish yet low-profile design that essentially makes it one of the best EDC tools for most situations.

Most EDC knife options today oscillate between the extreme ends of the spectrum: either too short or too long, but we’d argue the EK3R has just the right amount of length — it’s compact without being too teensy, and large enough yet not bulky or a chore to wield. It falls in the sweet spot between keychain knife and full-sized folder, which is exactly what you want in an EDC.

When closed, the knife is 3.8 inches long, and the stainless steel handles bring the knife’s thickness down to just 0.5 inch overall. The steel blade, a Sandvik 12C27 variant, is 2.65 inches, which gives plenty to work with, even in the most stickiest of situations, and that’s thanks mainly to the knife’s wharncliffe blade shape. There’s a thumb hole that’s larger than what you’ll find on most EDCs, taking the place of a nail nick — this is a good compromise, however, since you’re getting a slip joint mechanism which makes two-handed operation easier; you’ll be able to deploy the blade in a literal snap.

Finally, it should be noted that the EK3R is entirely made of metal, which means it’s one of the most robust, reliable, and durable options available in the market right now. There’s even clip for tip down, deep-pocket carry, which you can remove to conceal the knife in case you need to. You can choose between a plain stonewashed handle or a “curl” or “skull” patterned laser-engraved handle.