The LJ30 House by Casas de Mexico is one of the most spectacular examples of what contemporary architecture can be. Stashed away in Zapopan, this monolithic masterpiece deconstructs the sharply rigid elements of modern structural design by angling them towards open, airy spaces.

In effect, you get what looks like a set of intimidating blocks stacked on top of another. But look closer and you’ll see that the entire space welcomes nature with open arms. This is marked by its spacious balconies, wrap-around glass windows, and a ground floor that’s heavily integrated into the whole landscape.

The house takes conventions from traditional haciendas and takes pride in its Spanish roots. You can see that with the antique furniture peppered across the entire space, all part of the overall quaint atmosphere. Once you’re inside, you’ll see what we mean when we describe it as being open. There’s lush foliage that stretches up to the second floor. Big chunks of this greenery face up the naked sky, letting an enormous amount of natural light in at daytime.

Wooden banisters replace steel, and hardwood floors are laid throughout, even in the bathroom. But these oddly placed elements don’t feel the least bit unusual — in fact, they serve a nice contrast to the brutal feel of the house’s shapes, and they all work to make the LJ30 feel like a classic home in the contemporary age. It’s an incredible thing to witness, combining vintage elements and modern amenities but never exploiting them or waxing nostalgia mindlessly.


Photos courtesy of Casas de Mexico