The “Tai He Ban,” a maxi-flybridge model from Ferretti Yachts, spent so little time without a buyer during its Hong Kong showcase. Its sensational entertaining areas and sophisticated interior furnishings were all the convincing the present owner needed to snap this one up to his collection in no time at all.

This is the Ferretti Yachts 920. It shows a unique blend of utilitarian spaces and posh interiors. That and it also highlights the shipmaker’s attempts at naval innovation. They have spent over 50 years in the business building exemplary yachts, and its dedication to craftsmanship, build quality, design, makes us think it will be a mainstay in the yacht world.

The Ferretti 920’s exterior and interior styling was a collaboration between the Ferretti Group and the Studio Zuccon International Project. It’s boasting an all-new hull that was built in Ferretti Yachts’ shipyards in Cattolica, Italy. The raised height of the bow is another immediate highlight, giving the yacht an imposing presence on the water. Detailing on the bulwarks continue this brutal aesthetic. You can see them peppered throughout the 920, from the walkways to the windows in the master cabin.

Up top inside the interior you’ll find a ceiling backlighting system that gives the Ferretti Yachts 920 a more contemporary feel. It also proves a sharp contrast to the aggressive design. And while the outside may seem intimidating, the inside is a whole other story. You get wrap-around windows. Plus veneer finishes with textures that accentuate the depth of the spaces. you’ll love the anthracite-oak wood parquet flooring. And the built-in furniture upholstered in grey rock leather. And so many more elements that give the interior space much-needed warmth and elegance.